OPeRa Project

The IHU OpeRa (Organ Protection & Replacement) is a preclinical and clinical research institute located in Lyon that has been granted in 2012.by the National Research Agency (named ANR in French, under the reference code ANR-10-IBHU-004) and involved in “Programme Investissements d’Avenir” .

This center of excellence brings together 6 famous H.C.L laboratories (named “workpackage” hereinafter), working from fundamental research to clinical trials and proof of health benefit for the patients.  This institute has been found by Pr. Michel Ovize; head doctor at the Pneumologic and Cardiovascular Hospital (Bron - France).


Based upon its translational platform (setting up at the East group of hospital located in Lyon) and working like a “single ticket office” for its private and academic partners, OpeRa set as first goal for a new therapeutic innovation.


The OpeRa scientific challenge consist in understanding cellular mechanisms and treatment of the partial or entire organ destruction (heart, kidney, liver) or damaged tissues due to cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, obesity, inflammatory diseases, that can lead to a transplantation, or resort to regenerative medicine. A number of projects have been started at the same time, in many therapeutic fields; from nutrition (Pr Martine Laville, Dr. Hubert Vidal), inflammation (Pr. Pierre Miossec), transplantation (Pr Emmanuel Morelon), generative medicine (Dr. Odile Damour), imaging (Pr Didier Revel), viral hepatitis (Pr Fabien Zoulim) or heart infarct (Pr Michel Ovize).


With his famous hospital and university local environment, the OpeRa program “make the bet” that its translational research that are very innovative and based in academic and industry collaboration that will be able to offer in a  closed future new treatments  for the health of patients.