Translational research Platform

Translational research is one of the future innovation challenges that will enable a clinical application of fundamental research new discoveries (preclinical) and will thus give patients better access to new healthcare and new diagnostic tools.

The aim of the OPeRa platform is to be accessible to institutional/public/governmental as well as industrial/private sector partners/sponsors.

In a very near future (in 2015), this platform will geographically centralize (in a rehabilitated part of East Lyon Hospitals research units) a dedicated technical platform with experimental blocks and clinical research support structures, such as the Clinical Investigation Centre. As a result, this platform will promote knowledge transfer from Fundamental Research to medical practice.

This project was made possible thanks to an exceptional € 2M funding from HCL, as well as the rehabilitation of a 1,100 m2 space located in East Lyon Hospitals.

A Fundamental Research experimentation (preclinical studies) wing and another one, dedicated to the implementation of clinical trials within the Clinical Investigation Centre (C.I.C.) will therefore be centralized on one site.

The new OPeRa project platform will be located near from research support structures such as the CRB (Centre de ressources biologiques) of HCL.