The Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) are Lyon’s hospital group and France ‘second biggest University Hospital Centre/Academic Health Centre.

The HCL gather 14 hospitals organized in 6 groups, and offer healthcare adapted to all pathologies in medicine, surgery, obstetric and cancerology/cancer treatment.

Beyond their primary mission of care, the HCL are deeply involved in research and innovation: the hospital takes part in clinical research needed for therapeutic innovation.

2012 yearly activity (review):

- 300 new clinical trials implemented each year

- 1,500 trials (16,000 patients) 150 of which are publicly funded

- 1,900 scientific publlications


Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the HCL to work with a Clinical Investigation Centre (C.I.C.) and three Clinical Research Centres (CRC).

Furthermore, in order to expand their fundamental research activity, the HCL formed partnerships with various organisations. To this date, there are 22 INSERM units, 22 CNRS research units, one INRA unit (National Institute of Agronomic Research) and one regional research centre of humain nutrition.



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