Metabolic Risks (WorkPackage N°2, WP2)

The European Center for nutrition and health (CENS meaning « Centre Européen pour la Nutrition & la Santé » in French) work with researchers worldwide and guide the food industry face to the public health stakes linked to over-nutrition.


The research laboratory of Pr. Martine Laville has been included in the OPeRa program face to the relevant factors on the organ destruction (vessels, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys) well known, the metabolic disease linked to over-nutrition.



Research point of view:


Experimentation assays are ongoing with the goal to figure out the mechanisms involved in diabetisis, insulin-resistance and dyslipidemia known as major factors in tissue destruction and organ function loss.



Research point of care:

Nutritional and metabolic status of patients who are in de-nutrition or over-nutrition, play a key roles in tissue destruction during chronic diseases evolution, such as cardiovascular diseases on patients suffering of dyslipidaemia, inflammatory chronic diseases or in kidney failures patients.

Then this workpackage (WP N°2) involved in OPeRa program, is looking for mechanisms involved in the ectopic body fat distribution when gaining weight by a glucido-lipidic sur -nutrition .



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