Organ Protection (WorkPackage N°4, WP4)

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are the 2nd cause of mortality worldwide, linked to the tissue destruction and organ dysfunction.

New results of research found by the INSERM U1060 team of Pr. Michel Ovize suggest that tissue destruction is linked to cardiac reperfusion.  And Pr. Michel Ovize set up the OPeRa program and head this ambitious “IHU” research project.


Research point of view:

Some studies have been designed and focus on the mechanisms understanding liable to the cellular death, the signalling pathways, as well as the regulation and post-traductionnal modifications of cyclophilin D (cypD) that are involved in the ischemia-reperfusion resistance.


Research point of care:

Moreover, thanks to one bio bank (DNA, blood plasma, urine) that has been expected to find out new bio-markers including medical imaging (MRI, CT scan and echography), after being identified and evaluated for  their diagnosis use and also, evaluate some risk factors (age, diabetisis) that can modify the new treatment efficiency.


Then the challenge of this team is to understand molecular mechanism involved in tissue destruction during an heart infarct and to find out new and innovative treatments.


Pr. Michel Ovize Interviews :

Pr. Michel OVIZE is member of the scientific Council “la Fondation Coeur et Recherche” 


- Pr Michel OVIZE’s Interview (in French) at the Cardiology Louis Pradel Hospital - on “clinical research foundation for heart infarct centre  filmed by FR3 team (Mr Frederic Llop et Christian Conxicoeur) and broadcasted by  Rhone-Alps  France 3  TV the 3th of October 2013.