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Organ transplantation development is slowed down by the graft loss after a chronic rejection and immunosuppression complications leading today to a high rate of mortality after graft.

The graft is the last and ultimate step for treatment if the organ has not been protected ahead. Hence the involvement of the Pr. Emmanuel Morelon team inside the OPeRa plan “Organ Preservation and Replacement” was an  evidence.

His team are working to find out if the anti-HLA antibodies production directed against the graft can work in the receiver despite a blockage of the LT CD4+ compartment by the current immunosuppressors.


Research point of view:

Previous research results done by his team at the Edouard Herriot Hospital have already discovered that the lack of LT CD4+ on mices receiving an allogeneic skin graft doesn’t lead to the protection or preservation of the graft rejection but carry out to the complete destruction of the allo-anticorps responsible of the organ destruction.

These promising results confirm the interest to go further by analysis of a heterotopic cardiac abdominal transplantation in mice.


Research point of care:

To provide new diagnostic tools, one bio-sample collection is going to be made on 2014. Then we hope that new biomarkers could be used in transplantation prognosis, in correlation with a data base from graft patients and their immune response profile after screening (on graft, blood, urine, DNA etc..) and also in comparison with infection immune responses.

We are looking also for urinary biomarkers for the prognostic of kidney failure for patients who had a cardiac, lung and liver graft. 

Human ressources request for such biosamples and collection with a efficient  database, will come at the translational platform and will work in collaboration with pharmaceuticals and biotech labs.


Pr. Emmanuel Morelon interviews :

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