Regenerative Medecine (WorkPackage N°5b, WP5b)

Another type of treatment can be used face to the graft rejection, it is the cellular therapy  with the replacement of a part of the organ, such as some skin tissue production made in the  Dr. Odile Damour laboratory well known for the burned patients treatment at the Edouard Herriot Hospital.

Indeed, composite tissue graft and regenerative medicine are new approach for Research in the transplantation field. So the challenge is to make working tissue to repair or replace damaged tissue by inflammatory responses or graft rejection.

Nevertheless healing, one physiologic reaction is avoided during numerous pathologic such as diabetes or aging: chronic wounds recur and become a real public health issue.


Research point of view:

Since 2005, Odile Damour team has defined and developed stem cell lines for adipose tissue (ASC for adipose stem cells), used to favor the injury healing.  Indeed theses multipotent ASC are the single cells able to multiply under some cell culture conditions leading to matures adipocytes which are conversely unable to multiplicate. Nowadays, this research team is able to produce tridimentional rebuilt hypoderma and then to treat some clinical needs.


Research point of care:

 An another team of Dr. Odile Damour, has the ambition to secure and qualify the extraction process of ASC before being re-injecting without expansion during only one operating act, for diminishing inflammation during the first step of remodelling for burned patients after healing.

All these studies will be done according to the Good laboratory practice (BPL), clinical good practice (GPL), Good manufacturing practice (BPF).



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