Liver complications Diseases (WorkPackage N°6, WP6)

Chronic infections over 600 million of people worldwide are due to Hepatitis B and C virus   favouring liver injury such as steatosis and fibrosis that can lead to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma ahead liver destruction. New studies have shown that cyclophilin D can affect the virus replication cycle. Fabien Zoulim has been simply involved in the OPeRa project.


Research point of view:

Pr. Fabien Zoulim and his team have developed a new hepatocyte cell line model to study mechanisms and virus multiplication according to several factors.

This model is used to analyse and study the cyclophylin D (Cyp D used by the workpackage number 4 dedicated to the cardioprotection research) on the VHC replication.


Research point of care:

If the Cyclophylin D role as inhibitor of the VHC and VHB replication is confirmed, then new clinical trials will be designed and realized.





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